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Candles by VG



A floral and feminine fragrance with notes of magnolia and peony.

Village Green opened in the spring of 1965 at 4403 Center Terrace Drive. This neighborhood nursery and landscape center was started by the late Larry Smith and Bill Swadley. Even though we outgrew the Center Terrace location we will never forget where we first established our roots and are dedicated to continuing to great legacy of Larry and Bill.



A handsome and masculine fragrance with notes of mahogany and teakwood.

In the mid 1980’s Village Green began selling indoor furniture and décor allowing us to round out our offerings in creating beautiful living spaces. Our goal is to inspire you to make your home the perfect expression of your personality, both inside and outside! Making life more beautiful since 1964!



Earthy and fresh, like walking barefoot in the grass.

In the early 1980’s Village Green started Barefoot Grass, our lawn care and maintenance division with iconic green and yellow service vans. Barefoot sold in the late 1990’s to True Green. Doug Olson who managed Barefoot Grass came to manage the nursery until 2022 when he retired as the longest employed person in VG history.



Clean and sweet with notes of mandarin, jasmine, and amber.


Village Green has sold outdoor furniture since the early 1980’s. Founder Larry Smith had the vision of creating the most unique showroom and shopping experience for those looking for outdoor furniture. His dream came to reality in 2003 when he built our award-winning showroom that he always referred to as “the atrium”.

Candles By VG

Each By VG candle represents an important part of the Village Green story which is reflected in the signature fragrance and bio that accompanies each candle.

You can find the full By VG Candle Line at both VG locations!

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