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Pellet &
Flat Top Grills

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With the pellet grill line up, you can bring professional wood-fired flavors right to your back patio. Grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue on one grill, all with the touch of a dial. Enjoy the temperature control and smoke output of our Smart Smoke Technology, as well as the easy Ash Cleanout system you won’t find anywhere else. Shop the selection below to become your own SmokePro.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grills are designed for one thing above all else—feeding people great food fast. The large cooking surface enables the neighborhood chef to pump out food for over 100 people per hour—a real crowd pleaser. Many propane grills have hot spots, but our line of flat tops heat food evenly with large griddle and heat dispersing design. People love the cooking variety that the Flat Top Grill offers. 

Shop these Camp Chef models in the Outdoor Cooking Center at VG Riverside!

Flat Top Grills


Flat top grills are arguably the most versatile cooking unit you can own.  Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner all on the same surface.  Fully adjustable temperature knobs make managing your heat zones a breeze.  All griddle surfaces are pre-seasoned and ready-to-cook right out of the box.  You can expect high quality, heavy duty construction, and a grill that allows you to test your skills without worrying about grill functionality.

Flat Top Features:

  • Heavy Duty Griddle + Head Diffusion Plate

  • Reinforced Cross Braces

  • Folding Side Shelves

  • Griddle Leveling Screws

  • Leg Levelers

  • Heavy Duty Wheels

Portable Flat Top Grills


Headed to the mountain, tailgate, block party, you name it, you can take everything you love about the flat top grill with you.  Fold the legs, close the shelves and you're off to the races!

Portable Flat Top Features:

  • Heavy Duty Griddle + Head Diffusion Plate

  • Folding Legs

  • Carry Handles

  • Folding Side Shelves

  • Griddle Leveling Screws

  • Leg Levelers



Cook what you want—how you want! The Apex Grill is a griller's fantasy, conjoining an ever-popular wood pellet grill and a time-tested propane grill (optional add-on) to bring you a patio experience unlike anything you've encountered. On one unit, in a single chamber, griller's will be able to switch fuel sources with a twist of a knob. So whether it's a quick one-two with grilled chicken using the propane option or encapsulating a well-earned smoke ring on a 15 lbs. brisket with the smoker, the Apex fuels the grill master within.

Apex Features:

  • Gas Kit + Sidekick Accessorey Compatible

  • Down + Out Ventilation

  • Easy Ash + Grease Cleanup

  • Pellet Sensor

  • Probe Storage

  • WIFI Controller

  • Internal Chef's Light

  • 4 Caster Wheels

DLX Series


Say goodbye to the world of guesswork and hours over a BBQ pit—the DLX Pellet Grill brings you an easy, reliable smoke, every time. The newly added Gen 2 controller is easy to use and introduces Smoke Control + PID technology. Tailor the amount of smoke your meal gets by adjusting your Smoke Number. You'll get flawless cook after flawless cook. Plus, Ash Cleanout makes clean up a breeze. Meaning less time fumbling with a suction hose and more time enjoying the beautiful day and delicious food. Now that sounds like the grill for you.



The Woodwind Pro speaks to control freaks and carefree cooks alike. If your dream grill includes a wish list of more smoke, and more bold flavor then you'll love playing around with the newly invented Smoke Box. In addition to the hardwood pellets, the Smoke Box allows you to simultaneously control heat and flavor. With the Smoke Box you can cook with wood pellets, wood chunks, wood chips, even charcoal and use the damper value to tailor your heat output. Even try your hand at new methods such as cold smoking using the Fan Only Mode. Want something a little more casual? Simply fill your hopper and fire it up the pellet grill for that signature mild smoke taste. 

Woodwind Features:

  • Easy Ash + Grease Cleanup

  • Stainless Steel Components

  • Sidekick Compatible

  • Custom Smoke Number

  • WIFI / BLE Controller

  • 2 Caster Wheels

  • 2 Fixed Wheels

Cook like a Pro on these Camp Chef models sold in the VG Outdoor Cooking Center 

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