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Ask The VG Experts!

Hi! Welcome to the Ask The Experts Blog! We are Jon, Kiki, and Abby, and we need your help with our latest project! Details below....

The Details:

We love our VG customers, and we so appreciate everyone who chooses to shop at our garden centers and greenhouses every year! We want to make sure that once you get your plants and flowers home you have the tools and knowledge you need to maintain a successful lawn and garden, so we are working on creating informative content to help you successfully plant and care for your flowers, plants, veggies and herbs all season long.

Jon, our Riverside Nursery Manager, will be leading all things perennials, roses, and nursery. Abby, our Riverside greenhouse expert, will be heading up annuals, veggies, herbs, and houseplants. And Kiki.... is not an expert in anything regarding plants or gardening, but will be planting a garden for the first time this year and you'll get to follow along as she learns how to grow a successful garden (hopefully!) in real time.

Here's where we need your help!

We want to answer questions and provide content that is helpful and informative to our customers so who better to go to for suggestions?! Whether you have no idea where to even start when it comes to planting and gardening, or you are a seasoned gardener with a suggestion that might help others.... we want to hear from you! Use the button below to submit your question/concern/suggestion.

Don’t forget to follow along!

We will be posting here on the blog regularly, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Make sure to follow along with the fun!

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