Spring Into Action! Outdoor Yard Prep

Spring has finally sprung! The robins are back, lawns are turning green and our trees are budding out! We all desire to have our yard look like it belongs in a magazine, and you can achieve that goal! Really, it isn't as hard as you may think it is.

Here are my tips for the perfect yard and garden :

1. Pick a nice weekend- great weather can make yard work so much fun!

2. Prune away the dead- ornamental grasses can be cut down to roughly 2''-3'' and any remaining dead flower branches in your perennial garden should be cut down to 4'' . NOTE- you do not want to prune any shrubs that are spring or summer bloomers. Those bushes should be pruned after they have bloomed.

3. Clean around your plants. Rake out fallen leaves from autumn. This is critical in the spring. They can smother plants and cause disease.

4. Compost yard waste. If you aren't doing this step, you really should. All your leaves, cuttings, and spent veggie peels should get tossed into your home compost pile. The best additive to any garden comes right from your own home!

5. Rake out your dead grass.  Don't jump the gun! Wait until your soil is dry before you start raking out the dead grass. Once complete mow low to remove dead grass tops.

6. Aerate your lawn if you did not do this in the fall. 

7. Over- seed bare spots with Village Green's Famous Manhattan Velvet Grass seed!

8. Apply Crabgrass preventer in early April! Note- you can plant grass seed roughly 4-6 weeks after you apply crabgrass preventer.

Enjoy your beautiful spring lawn, and don't worry... we will make sure to give you all the tips you need to keep your lawn looking beautiful all summer long!

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