Spring Bulbs: Plant Now for Early Spring Color!

There’s nothing like a patch of fresh new flowers poking up through a snow-covered ground to brighten the early spring season! Flower bulbs are just the ticket when it comes to planting for late winter and early spring color. Though the weather may still be bitter cold and the ground snowy, hardy flowering bulbs will instantly boost your garden’s appeal and provide beautiful, vibrant color throughout the rainy spring months for years to come. Hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, crocus, snowdrops, and more… the list is long! Read on for Village Green’s planting tips to ensure successful spring bulb blooms!

When selecting your bulbs, choose those with large, firm bodies free of mildew or mold. Larger bulbs typically produce more abundant flowers than smaller bulbs of the same variety. Plant your bulbs in September or October when the soil has cooled but before the cold weather sets in. This will allow plenty of time for them to send out roots and become firmly established in your garden before the ground freezes.

Choose a location which will receive full sun (at least 6 hours) with rich, well-drained soil. To amend heavy clay soils and help your bulbs get a jump start in root production, add bone meal, compost, or bulb fertilizer at the time of planting. Village green recommends these special bulb products:

Dig a small hole roughly 3 times as deep as the bulb is in diameter and place your bulb inside, pointy end up. Some bulbs have irregular shapes; if you are unsure about placement, simply lay the bulb on its side and it will straighten itself out when it sprouts. If roots have already begun to develop, place the root part downward and the end opposite the rooting zone faced upward.

Cover the holes with soil and gently firm the ground to remove pockets of air surrounding the bulb. Water your bulbs regularly until the ground freezes. To prevent squirrels and rodents from digging up all of your hard work, spread netting, mulch, or a repellant over the ground. Bonide’s organic animal repellent, Repels-All, is available at Village Green in liquid or granular forms.

Bulb Garden Design Tips:

For dramatic, mass plantings, try placing large groups of one bulb variety in a single location to create beautiful drifts of a single color.

Flowers of varying colors can be layered by height for an attractive, streamlined appearance.

Scatter a mix of different bulb varieties for a beautiful blend of spring colors.

Creating naturalized areas of crocus or snowdrops throughout the lawn is also popular, as they will bloom and die off before the grass will require its first mow.

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