Are You Ready To Plant?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

You've waited all winter, and spring is finally here! Its just about time to start sowing early spring vegetable crops!


As soon as the soil temperature is at or above 40 degrees you can start to sow cool season crops.


If the soil feels wet and muddy you'll want to wait a few days until things have the chance to dry out. Working with wet soil can ruin its structure.


Before you sow, you need to be sure that you amend your soil. There are a couple different ways you can do this, and I recommend the following:

1. Home compost improves the structure of soil by aerating existing soil, improving drainage as well as moisture retention. Add 3-4 inches of compost to your garden each spring before planting and work it in with a digging fork.

2. Add Mushroom Compost! This is a nutrient- filled blend of straw, peat, gypsum and other organic products. The PH of mushroom compost is within a range that will help most plants thrive. It can be stinky at times, but trust me it works great!

A Tip From The Experts!

While you sow, don't forget to feed your soil. Village Green recommends Espoma Organic Garden-Tone. It is perfectly formulated for your vegetable garden.

Here are great plants to sow early in cool weather:

  1. Spinach- This plant sprouts quickly and is frost resistant- especially when grown under cover. Also, a great veggie to grow for those that have partial shade.

  2. Swiss Chard- The trendy leafy veggie is a relative to the beet. Once the leaves are out 6'' you can begin to harvest.

  3. Lettuce- There are tons of different kinds of lettuce, in all shapes, sizes and colors. Harvesting is quick and easy, sometimes in under 30 days.

  4. Radishes- One of the fastest veggies you can grow. The perfect plant to grow with the kiddos!

  5. Kale- This super food is one of the most popular veggies on the market. It can produce a great deal of food with little effort.

  6. Peas- There is nothing better than fresh grown peas AND your children will love planting them. They are easy for them to handle because the seeds are so big.

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