Pre-lit Trees

Village Green's forest of over 100 lifelike pre-lit trees will amaze you!  We carry sizes ranging  from 3'-12'.  Browse our selection of available trees below.

  • Ashley Spruce.jpg

    Ashley Spruce

  • Bearden Fir.jpg

    Bearden Fir

  • Bryce Canyon Pine.jpg

    Bryce Canyon Pine

  • Bryson Pine.jpg

    Bryson Pine

  • Carolina Pine

  • Cascade Crystal Pine.jpg

    Cascade Crystal Pine

  • Cascade Crystal Pine Frosted

  • Colorado Fir.jpg

    Colorado Fir

  • Dark Blue Tuscany Tinsel Tree.jpg

    Dark Blue Tuscany Tinsel

  • Durango Fir.jpg

    Durango Fir

  • Evergreen Mixed Pine.JPG

    Evergreen Mixed Pine

  • Flocked Oregon.jpg

    Flocked Oregon

  • Flocked Tower.jpg

    Flocked Tower

  • Forest Sierra RTL.JPG

    Forest Sierra Ready-to-Light

  • Franklin Fir.jpg

    Franklin Fir

  • Haidyn Spruce Slim.jpg

    Haidyn Spruce Slim

  • Hazelton Douglas Fir Slim.jpg

    Hazleton Douglas Fir Slim

  • Highland Fir.jpg

    Highland Fir

  • Jackson Pine Blue.jpg

    Jackson Pine Blue

  • LHP Douglas Fir Color Changing LED.jpg

    LHP Douglas Fir Color Changing

  • Mixed Hard Needle Porch Tree.jpg

    Mixed Hard Needle Porch

  • Norway Fir.jpg

    Norway Fir

  • Norway Pine.jpg

    Norway Pine

  • Osage Fir.jpg

    Osage Fir

  • Potted Cedar Pine Tree (Set of 2).jpg

    Potted Cedar Pine (Set of 2)

  • Potted Hard Mix Needle Tree (Set of 2).j

    Potted Hard Mixed Needle

  • Rose Gold Tuscany Tinsel Tree.jpg

    Rose Gold Tuscany Tinsel

  • Slim Cascade Crystal Pine.jpg

    Slim Cascade Crystal Pine

  • Silver Tuscany Tinsel Tree.jpg

    Silver Tuscany Tinsel

  • Somerset Fir.jpg

    Somerset Fir

  • Upswept Douglas Fir.jpg

    Upswept Douglas Fir

  • Whippet Pine Slim.jpg

    Whippet Pine Slim

  • White Tiffany Tinsel Tree.jpg

    White Tiffany Tinsel


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